17 thoughts on “2015 Internet Safety Week

  1. Hey Mrs Medina!
    That video up ^^^ there is really helpful to new kids on the Internet.
    I hope you have an awesome year with your new class!!

  2. I really enjoyed watching this video! Something it taught me was that I shouldn’t give out any personal information and always to keep my account on private.

  3. This video taught me so much about being on the internet, most importantly not to give away details about yourself to strangers on the internet.

  4. I learnt that you should not talk to people that you haven’t met or you don’t trust.Only talk to people you trust and people you HAVE met.

  5. I’ve learnt loads of things! Like asking an adult when you’re nervous etc. I like this video a lot and I would like to see more!!!

  6. Dear Mrs Medina,
    What i learnt from wathching this video, is to never share your private imformation to someone you don’t well.

  7. Hello!!!!
    I remember I think last yr wen I was in Miss Murphys class she posted a video of that, i’m not sure if it was her or another teacher anyways I like your blog its really good I luv it!.
    Tina D 5/6WM

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