11 thoughts on “Term 1 Beach Day

  1. My favourite part was when we had free time. I enjoyed making castles and stepping on the squishy sand that was wet gooey. I also liked the dried sand, it felt like soft warm piles of powder I LOVED that sand!! It was funny, how I was put sand on top of my legs it was soooo smooth and it felt, a bit like connective sand. It was the best day ever as it was 27 degrees, the sun was warm and our class did the best assembly EVER 🙂

  2. The assembly was so scary! But after the assembly the arrival at the beach made me feel better. I liked the free time activity, I got to make a volcano out of sand. But when we left the beach, it felt like I abandoned my home. But after that day I got a headache, but that day was so fun.

  3. I would give almost anything just to be able to go to beach excursions like you have, and I would enjoy every part of it. I’m stuck here in the middle of Spain 400km from any shore and I only get to experience it 2 or 3 times a year…… After having lived 2 minutes walking from Seaford and Frankston beaches. It’s what I most miss of Australia. Enjoy these pleasures while you can and get the most out of them.

  4. Hello 5/6 M,
    I just thought I would pop in for a visit, and the blog is looking stupendous! I really loved the sand castle building. It was so fun, watching people making big holes and building big volcanoes. Again, the blog is looking great!

  5. Wow, the pics show how much fun it was! And yeah, it was great how we started off with an awesome assembly, 5/6FZ (My class) and 5/6M! Then, we went to the beach! It was SO much fun. Like, between 7 or 10 of my friends dug a BIG BIG BIG BIG BIG BIG hole in the sand near the shore (So that made it really wet) and I stood in it. Then they put sand and pretty much trapped me in that hole. Since it was wet, I found it REALLY hard to get out. It also made me look a lot shorter than everyone. 🙁


  6. Dear Mrs Medina,
    My favourite activity that we had to do was beach volleyball.
    It was really fun and I did beach volleyball


  7. Dear Mrs Medina,
    My favourite part of Beach day was when we made the sand castles, My friends and I tried to dig a big hole, it didn’t work out! And I also really enjoyed the ball games!

    Chloe 3/4HO

  8. Hi Mrs Medina

    The beach day was the funnest day and the temperature was so perfect and it was the beautiful day. 😀

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