5/6 Medina became MILLIONAIRES!!!


Have you ever wondered exactly how big a million is? Is it cool to be a millionaire? Exactly what would you buy with a million dollars?

As an introduction to our Inquiry Unit “Earn and Learn” , our class became virtual MILLIONAIRES (through the miracle of modern technology you and your partner have been given ONE MILLION virtual dollars!).

Our task, together with a partner, was to look through catalogues to find items to purchase. Then cut the image of our chosen items and paste them into a spreadsheet.  Write, in conjunction with our partner, a justification of your purchase into our spreadsheet.

Sounds easy???? Well it was harder than we thought!!!!


What did you enjoy about this WOW Activity?!

How did you go?

Did you spend EXACTLY $1000000?

What difficulties did you and your partner encounter? 



16 thoughts on “5/6 Medina became MILLIONAIRES!!!

  1. Q1: One thing I enjoyed about this activity was that you would know what it would feel like to be a millionaire.
    Q2: We did pretty good.
    Q3: No. We didn’t spend exactly one million dollars. Wasn’t even halfway.
    Q4: We had to buy expensive things to waste on.

  2. Hi,
    I really enjoyed da WOW activity it was full of surprises.
    we did quite well at the start until we were desperately finding things that were expensive to get closer to the $1,000,000.

    Peter OUT,

  3. Dear Mrs Medina,
    I enjoyed the “WOW activity” because I felt like a real millionaire and I got to work with my partner. We had a lot of fun! We went great but we were not successful in completing the task. The difficulty my partner and I encountered was finding expensive things to paste into our spread sheet.

    Kind regards Danny

  4. What did you enjoyed about the WOW activity?: I enjoyed the WOW activity when we cut and paste the pictures.
    How did you go?: We went pretty well
    Did you spend EXACTLY $1000000?: No
    What difficulties you and your partner encounter?: We first thought we each had $1000000 but we actually had to share it

  5. I enjoyed working with my partner and spending a million dollars. My partner and I had difficulty in some things but most of the time we did well.
    We didn’t spend exactly $1000000 we barely spent more than half of $1000000.
    We had difficulty finding things that were expensive.

  6. Q1: One thing I enjoyed with the WOW activity is that you can pick your own things that you would like to put in your house.
    Q2: I was great.
    Q3: Sadly, I didn’t spend a million.
    Q4: The difficult that my partner and I had was counting our money we spent.

  7. 1 I liked how we had $1,000,000
    2 I went really bad not even close to the target price range
    3 No, I spend about $700,000
    4 My problem was most of the catalogues had $2 items

  8. hi
    I enjoyed when I started and it got harder.
    I spend about 7000000.
    I went pretty well.
    I worked pretty good with my parthener

  9. Hi Mrs Medina,
    Being a millionaire was a lot of fun! But we all thought it would be easier, it was actually really hard because we didn’t have a lot of expensive things to buy or enough catalogues, me and my partner didn’t spend one million dollars actually we only spent half a million. But overall me and my partner did really well.

  10. Dear Mrs Medina,
    For ‘The Million Dollar Spend’ I enjoy doing but I need not reach a million, I needed six hundred thousand more!
    My partner didn’t work well, he always wonders around the room and never wants to buy anything!

    From: Anthony T

  11. -I enjoyed working with Jade Jade and looking through catalogues
    -I was okay
    -I didn’t spend a million
    -My partner and I found it difficult to find items with high prices

  12. Dear Mrs Medina,
    What I enjoyed about the WOW activity is I get to work with others. At first I thought the activity would be easy but in the end it turned out to be hard. My group did alright but the only problem is that we didn’t reach exactly a million. The difficulty we encountered was the calculations.


  13. Yes, I enjoyed the activity because it was fun finding different things for your house .
    My partner and I spent half a million.
    The problems we had was that we didn’t have enough expensive items in our catalogues.

  14. I didn’t really enjoy ‘Spend a Million’ because I had to put a lot of effort in it. It didn’t really go well because we didn’t have enough time. I didn’t spend exactly $1000000, not even close. The difficulties was that my partner was cutting too many things and we didn’t glue them all down.

  15. Earn and Learn was soo fun! but……some of our businesses didn’t go so well ;( Overall though it was SUPER fun and we got to experience and learn a lot.

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