12 thoughts on “Gold Rush game

  1. This was a really fun and informative game, can’t wait for camp where we will learn more about the gold fields. At the moment i have 999 ponds and 19 shillings.

  2. Dear Mrs Medina,
    I have got 999 pounds and 19 shillings. On my first attempt I was robbed and the others I felt tired.
    This attempt which is the last one I tried so hard and I did it.

    From Sarah

  3. Haven’t been to Ballarat for 20 years… so great to be able to do a bit of mining from Madrid in Spain. Thanks for the game, it was fun

  4. Dear Mrs Medina,
    Love your blog that you had created.
    I also loved the game that you put on your blog.
    What web did you get tis game from because I what to show my friends this game to.
    from Jessie(3/4M&M

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