5/6 Medina became MILLIONAIRES!!!


Have you ever wondered exactly how big a million is? Is it cool to be a millionaire? Exactly what would you buy with a million dollars?

As an introduction to our Inquiry Unit “Earn and Learn” , our class became virtual MILLIONAIRES (through the miracle of modern technology you and your partner have been given ONE MILLION virtual dollars!).

Our task, together with a partner, was to look through catalogues to find items to purchase. Then cut the image of our chosen items and paste them into a spreadsheet.  Write, in conjunction with our partner, a justification of your purchase into our spreadsheet.

Sounds easy???? Well it was harder than we thought!!!!


What did you enjoy about this WOW Activity?!

How did you go?

Did you spend EXACTLY $1000000?

What difficulties did you and your partner encounter? 



Earn and Learn

Earn and Learn is a financial awareness program developed by Rob Vingerhoets. This program sees students operate in a way similar to a small town or community. Our class is known as “Medinaville

Initially, students receive a base weekly payment for the work they complete. Students who undertake leadership roles or have extra responsibilities within the classroom are able to receive additional payments. Such responsibilities might include taking the lunch orders to the canteen, cleaning the class library, setting up the computers, turning on and off the lights when we enter and leave our room.

Students also pay tax through the money they earn, make weekly “rent” payments for their seat and locker, take out insurance policies against forgetting their homework or receiving an injury, contribute to superannuation and make purchases. Students operate businesses within the classroom and organise their finances through credit, debit and cheque accounts at our class bank.



Today our class opened our shops for the first time!!!!

What an experience!!!!